Sunday, August 7, 2011

Malie Kai: Milk Chocolate with Nibs

Though the first three bars of Malie Kai were plain chocolates, they also provide the chocolate addicts of Hawaii with some bars with additions. One of those bars is the Milk Chocolate with Nibs.

As with the plain milk chocolate bar, caramel and nutty aromas are evident; however, the nibs are not visually apparent and I assumed that they were quite finely ground, which is my personal preference for nib bars.

Those nibs are a bit crunchy, well-chopped, and evenly but sparsely distributed, which prevents them from overwhelming the entire bar. Add that they are mild and not remotely bitter, and the inherent dairy flavor and banana flavors of the milk chocolate are allowed to emerge and play nicely against the nib flavor. The crunch nibs are further complimented by the creamy texture, and the bar is overall balanced and delightful. It is perhaps one of my favorite nib bars, as the sweet milk chocolate is a nice contrast to the nibs.

Do you prefer nibs with milk or dark chocolate?


  1. This does sound like a nice nibby bar. I've never had a nib bar with nibs so finely ground, but I think I'd agree with you on preferring it that way. Now to try it!

  2. I just love nibs in any way, shape, or form :) Nibs for all!

  3. Anything with dark chocolate is my favorite :)

  4. mmm milk for sure but i love dark chocolate too. oh the debate. i actually haven't commented here before but I LOVE chocolate in general so I am thrilled to find your blog!

    Milk choc. is just so satisfying and creamy, while dark is so pungent and full of antioxidants.