Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lindt Excellence Influencers Club: Free Chocolate and Surveys

Chocolate makers are always looking for feedback. It’s one of the reasons that I get sent to many different chocolates to sample.

Lindt is taking a very organized approach to feedback. They asked for applicants to their Excellence Influencers Club and got 9000 applications for 150 slots.

Of course I got one of those slots. And then I got some chocolate to check out.

In addition to the chocolate, we got some instructions on how to evaluate the chocolate.

Alongside a letter on what we’d need to do in exchange for this free chocolate – namely, to talk about it.

And eat it.

Woe is me.

Have you ever been selected to be part of a small focus group evaluating a product? Did you get free chocolate?


  1. *sticks out tongue*

    (Screw being mature about things right now ;) )

  2. Lucky you.
    I applied for this btu couldnt do it with being in the uk :(

  3. That's kind of awesome. To answer your questions, no I haven't and no I didn't. Life's unfair but at least I got to make some pretty awesome tequila lime brownies last week :)

  4. Awesome! Sometimes I get food to try and review, but never good stuff like chocolate!

  5. So exclusive and fancy! Sounds fun. :) I love that they sent tasting instructions. I'm sure you don't need them as a chocholate "pro" but I would find that very useful!

  6. Looks like a pretty sweet (pun intended) focus group...have fun!

  7. I will continue to be jealous of your life. That is all.

  8. We're happy to have you as part of the group and grateful for such passionate chocolate lovers like yourself to help us shape future offerings!

  9. Its a tough job, but someone's gotta do it :-D

  10. I evaluated cereal boxes when I was five. They didn't pay me in chocolate.

    Not quite the same thing:)