Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adora Calcium Supplements: It's Healthy (or Something Like That)

You may remember that I mentioned that the goodie bag I got at the Healthy Living Summit included chocolate.

Adora Dark Chocolate Calcium Supplements. According to the packaging, each disc of all natural “premium” chocolate includes 50% of your daily recommended intake of calcium, as well as some Vitamin D3 and magnesium, which optimize absorption.

Or something like that. I always believe labels.


So what does this “healthified” chocolate look like?

It’s purple. I like purple.

The chocolate itself has a caramel aroma with a hint of berry, and is quite light in color for a dark chocolate.

A very sweet taste is immediately evident, and there is a hint of mint with a strong cream flavor. The chocolate is creamy, yet also gritty, and the creamy taste takes on an artificial note at the end as the texture becomes downright chalky. There might be a bit of a banana flavor in there somewhere, but it’s difficult to tease out flavors when you are eating something that resembles chalk.

Now, that said, it's supposed to be a calcium supplement. My mom used to use Tums for that. These are better than that.

Have you had chocolate with a chalky texture before?


  1. I think I'm so immune to chalky flavors (protein powder anyone?) that it has to be suuuuuper chalky for me to mind. So for these, I'm ok with them being an alternative calcium supplement. Adora > Tums.

  2. I agree with Chase. I think I'm immune to chalk because of protein powder. I used to take adora but I switched calcium supplements. I didn't know Tums had calcium in them!

  3. I've seen those Adora tablets around but haven't tried it yet. The chalky texture will turn me off for sure... I'll stick to getting my calcium from dairy :)

  4. I like my little calcium chews, but I am so tempted to try these out. Might save my money now though!

  5. Hmmmm...interesting. I kind of like Tums though. They're almost candy. So I think I'll stick to those and eat chocolate that's just chocolate!

  6. Yay hls swag! I look forward to eating one of these everyday haha... Much better than the chews or tums.

  7. I found that the Adora chocolate was good to satisfy a craving if nothing else is around. Its nice to have the free bag -- and I will defnitely eat it all -- but I won't be buying it again! I'd much rather just eat seriously GOOD dark chocolate :)

  8. Ha... this shows how well I don't know chocolate - I think Adora discs are delicious! But I typically eat them in my car on my way to work or at work, and it doesn't take much to amuse me in either setting.