Friday, August 26, 2011

Amedei: Madagascar 70%

After I enjoyed the Amedei Venezuelan 70% bar so much, I had to evaluate Amedei’s work with cacao from other origins. A bar from Madagascar, also 70% cacao, seemed like a good starting point.

A starting point because I intend to sample their entire collection. This bar just happens to be the second. As with the Amedei Venezuelan 70%, the aroma was strong, but in this case, the overwhelming scent was tar with a hint of anise.

The tar and anise are also evident in the flavor, with some earthy and smoky flavor building throughout and a bit of a sour flavor at the end. The texture is exceptionally smooth and the melt is smooth – just like the Venezuelan version. While the bar is high quality, the flavor profile wasn’t appealing to me personally. I’ll likely just stock up on the Venezuelan version and pass on this one in the future.

Have you ever tasted anise in chocolate?


  1. Sour doesn't float my boat either! I've had anise, certainy... particularly in bars with anise and fennel ;)

  2. I think that's a good aim, etaing yourself through the Amedei range.

  3. This was delicious when you gave me a hit of it from your purse at HLS ;)