Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cote d'Or: Noir de Noir

Yesterday’s entry in “Bad Chocolate Week” was actually edible. Intriguing. But, given how terrible the plain milk chocolate by Cote d’Or was, I figured the next entry for “Bad Chocolate Week” could be their dark chocolate: Noir de Noir, purportedly 54% cacao.

The bar is vanilla-heavy, with a very, very slight earthy undertone at the end. I suspect that Cote d’Or is using vanilla to mask inferior cacao bean flavor, a hallmark of subpar chocolate making, but they are at least successful in covering up any offensive flavors.

The texture is a bit dry, and the bar is fairly sweet. Put all of that together, and you have a dry dark chocolate bar that tastes like sugar and vanilla. It’s not bad, but it’s not good.

Perhaps this could be “Not Good Chocolate Week.”

Nah. Some of the other stuff has been pretty bad.

Have you had anything by Cote d’Or? Would you say it is “bad” or “not good”?


  1. I bought a few bars of this once. I liked it, not as much as some other things, but it wouldn't go on my bad-chocolate list.

  2. I actually really love the Cot D'Or dark chocolate bars with either caramelised sesame seeds, or caramelised pepitas, sunflower, and sesame seeds. Heavenly!

  3. I've tried quite a few chocolates from Cote d'Or. Most of them I thought were at least good.

    I really liked the milk chocolate & rum mini bars (Les Batons Moka Rhum), the dark chocolate orange, the Fèves de Cacao chocolate box, the milk & speculoos biscuits bar... and I love these pralines. I remember that about six years ago there used to be other similar chocolates from Kraft - they were called Suchard Imagine (I still have the box) and I loved those as well. And now I've seen that there are some similar looking chocolates from Milka (they are called Milka Amavel Pralines)...

    What I didn't like from Cote d'Or: Les Bouchées, their 86% Sensations dark bar, Chokotoff, the Oraia chocolates, their hazelnut bars (but I don't like hazelnuts anyway)...

  4. Too bad the chocolate isn't good because their elephant is adorable! Haha

  5. I love that you do a Bad Chocolate Week