Friday, August 19, 2011

Lindt Excellence Dark: 70% Cocoa Nut Crunch

One of those bars that Lindt send out to the Excellence Influencers Club for evaluation was a bar of 70% cocoa dark chocolate with caramelized walnut and hazelnut pieces – the 70% Cocoa Nut Crunch.

Upon unwrapping, I found a vanilla and caramel aroma. Perhaps there was a subtle hint of coffee and a note of banana. I was impressed with the complexity of the aroma in a bar produced on such a large scale.

I was very, very pleased to see well-distributed bits of very well-chopped nuts.

The nuts do add a nice crunch, but aren’t notable in the taste. Instead, a banana taste comes forward, as well as a bit of vanilla. The chocolate itself isn’t remotely sweet, but the caramelized nuts add a pleasing hint of sugar. The melt, however, was disappointing, as I found it to be quite dry. I’d call this more of a “nibbling” chocolate than an “overwhelming sensory experience” chocolate given the texture.

Do you like chocolate with caramelized nuts? Would you get this bar if you saw it at a store?


  1. Thank you, Victoria. I think you wrote this review in such a way as to make up for taunting me on Twitter earlier. Much appreciated :)

  2. Sometimes "intense dark" is a bit too intense for me. Caramelized nuts usually make things pretty good though. How do I get in this chocolate reviewing club?

  3. Lindt tends to be hit or miss for me. I love some of their stuff, but other bars just taste off to me. And I second Alyssa's question, how do I get into this chocolate reviewing club??