Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lindt Excellence Dark: 70% Almond Brittle

Another day. Another complimentary dark Lindt chocolate bar to evaluated for their Excellence Influencers Club. This time, the 70% Almond Brittle.

A unique aroma of honey, caramel, and berry floats from this bar, and is quite inviting.

Also inviting are the nicely chopped and distributed pieces of almond brittle. This is clearly on of Lindt’s strengths, as they did quite well on this point with the cocoa nut crunch bar that I evaluated yesterday.

The flavor is intensely earthy with some subtle berry notes and a hint of caramel. The almond brittle bits make it sweeter; aside from the almond brittle, it appears that there is little added sugar. As a result, the chocolate is intense but not overwhelmingly bitter as a whole given the sweet, crunchy bits of almond brittle.

The only drawback was the dry melt of the bar. Otherwise, the flavor was spot-on and the blend of chocolate and almond brittle was enjoyable.

Have you had almond brittle before? With or without chocolate?


  1. Oh wait, this is the one you were taunting me with! Bah, humbug! :D

  2. I swear, every Lindt bar has a little "NEW!!" triangle in the corner.

    But these actually are, and they look not half bad. You lucky 150/9000 chocolate reviewer, you! (I'd simplify that fraction for you, but I'm too busy mowing down on Cheez-its)

  3. I found the almond brittle extremely bitter and rather oily-tasting. Perhaps I got an overcooked batch?