Saturday, August 6, 2011

Malie Kai: Dark Milk Chocolate

Having ascertained that Malie Kai does, in fact, sell a nice dark chocolate and a pretty good milk chocolate, one might wonder how these chocolates would work in concert.

One would be in luck – their Dark Milk Chocolate bar combines the two.

Given this blend, the aroma is surprisingly faint, with perhaps a bit of raspberry.

The bar has an immediate creamy feel, with a caramel flavor coming forward first, followed by some sweet fruitiness; finally, the slow melt allowed me to enjoy notes of banana and raisin near the end. I was surprised by how sweet this blended chocolate was, and while this chocolate features a number of pleasing flavors, be prepared for a sweet and dairy-heavy chocolate should you happen upon a bar.

Have you ever had a dark milk chocolate blend? How did you like it?


  1. Oh my, dark milk chocolate?? I wish I had a bar right now!

  2. One of my favorites, and the one I was referring to the other day. B.T. McElrath's Chile Limón bar. I love it.

  3. I've had one dark milk chocolate bar so far, and I loved it!

  4. I can't say I have tried this type of blend before, but I imagine I would enjoy it. I will admit I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate (gasp) so I think the hint of a sweeter chocolate in there would be nice