Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boston: The City Where I Ate All the Chocolate

Sometimes, when I chat with friends in the evening, they’ll ask me where on earth I am THIS week. The hazards of frequent business travel, as it were.

The upside? Visiting this fine city and trolling for chocolate.

A couple of days in Boston last week gave me a chance to briefly scope out a few chocolate hot spots. And walk past scenes like this.
Um, what? Why? Well, because that’s a block away from Taza Chocolate.

Though I’d been to Taza during my fall visit to Boston, they had new products available, including orange, ginger, and chipotle Mexicano Discs.

I picked up some orange and ginger discs, as well as a new 87% cacao plain chocolate bar.

While Taza is over in Somerville, MA, the city of Boston itself has several chocolate gems, including a Teuscher storefront that holds a dear place in my heart as one of the first places I experienced higher-end chocolate.

The Swiss flag out front alerts passers-by to the fine Swiss chocolate available for purchase inside. I was a bit disappointed to see that there were no praline or truffle flavors I hadn’t yet tried, but picked up a few of my favorites anyway.

A quick walk down Newbury Street lead me to this British-themed scene outside of Hotel Chocolat.

As this is the only Hotel Chocolat shop on U.S. soil, I had to load up.


Surely that’s all the chocolate I got up in Boston.


No. I met up with Candice and Jaryn at Max Brenner’s, a restaurant famed for its chocolate creations.

More on all of this to come later. I have to go sort my chocolate collection.

Which city is your favorite for chocolate shopping?


  1. Cities in America. And France. I still cannot BELIEVE I didn't buy anything from the Hotel Chocolate store I went to in London!!

  2. I really have no clue where to buy good chocolate at? But when I was in Brussels last year they had a lot of yummy choocalte

  3. This post is very dear to my heart, as Boston is where I too first experienced high-end chocolate. Although for me, it was through my endless purchases made at Formaggio Kitchen.

    I haven't made it to Taza yet, but only because I've chickened out trying to drive there at top speed when they were only open a few more minutes, and I didn't know where THERE was. Somehow I found Formaggio without a map last year, or an address. That was nothing short of miraculous.

    Yeah, the champagne truffles, their signature!

    And is that the 90% Purist I see in your Hotel Chocolat stash? Or is it another kind? I tried to put a wee bit of it in some cookies, mixed in with 60% and 70% choc as well. Oof, the 90% was IN YO FACE!

    Funny, I was going to do a Taza review this week. I was saddened that the one location in town here that carries them didn't have any of the new flavors yet...

    Haven't been to Max Brenner.

    Is this the longest and most paragraphed comment you've ever received? It's a fitting length for the city where you ate ALL the chocolate:)

  4. I love this! I need to go to Max Brenners next time.

  5. You were in Boston, yay!! My favorite chocolate place here is LA Burdick In Harvard Square :) Have you tried that?? Next time let me know when you're in town, I'd love to meet you!

  6. you should try Blue Tierra Chocolate next time! We make everything on site, with all natural local ingredients! And we just won Boston's A-List for best chocolatier :)

  7. We would have been happy to take you on a Boston Chocolate Tour. Bianca is right, LA Burdicks is a must stop but you did find some special chocolate hot spots. Let us be your guide next time :)

  8. I had a lot of fun in London last summer, eating myself from chocolate store to chocolate store.

    I'll buy some more Hotel Chocolate chocolate when I'll go to England later this year.

  9. I want to travel and eat lots of chocolate. You seriously live the dream: chocolate, racing and travel. #winning.

  10. Wow sounds like you had an amazing time, if you ever want me to send you some more hotel chocolat stuff over ill be mroe than happy too. I just saw the Max Bremmer restaurant on food network the other day, id never heard of it before..it looks AMAZING!

  11. Glad you found so much chocolate here in Beantown! Hopefully, there is still some left for the rest of us :P

  12. Let me know next time you are in town!!! We can meet up!! Maybe go for a swim?! :)