Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cote d'Or: Saveur Noisette

Tuesday. Another day in “bad chocolate week,” which we launched with calcium supplements on Sunday and continued yesterday with that milk chocolate from Cote d’Or. Up for today: another milk chocolate by Cote d’Or, this one with hazelnuts.

The hazelnuts aren’t chopped and incorporated in chunks, rather, it is finely ground and incorporated like a ginaduja. The result is a very soft chocolate, with a creamy melt.

The flavor is overwhelmingly sweet and creamy, though not artificially so like the Lait Melk. A faint hint of hazelnut flavor is also evident, but not other chocolate flavors come forward. That all said, this bar is far superior to the Lait Melk and would possibly, possibly be worthy of purchase.

If Hershey’s were the only other option. And that’s a place I hope I never find myself.

Have you had a gianduja bar before? Where?


  1. Ho-hum, hazelnuts :P I've had good gianduja chocolate, for sure, but even when they're awesome I can't actually get excited about them! I needs me some brittle or salt or *something*.

  2. Oh ive got a bar of cote d'or dark to try in the house..hope its not disgusting.. i tried one of their le bouchee truffley things. they were ok..just very sweet.