Monday, August 29, 2011

Cote d'Or: Lait Melk

I’m titling this week “not awesome chocolate” week. My life can’t be filled with Amedei and Hotel Chocolat every day. Neither can yours. So it’s important to know what chocolate to not bother with when passing the time between Teuscher champagne truffles. Yesterday’s post discussed chocolate calcium supplements disguised as “premium chocolate.” Nope. Don’t pick those up at the drugstore. Not worth it.

Also not worth it? Evidently, anything by Cote d’Or.

Let’s start with their milk chocolate, or, the “Lait Melk.”

It may have a fancy sounding name, but there is no aroma.

It does, however, have a grainy texture and an artificial creamy flavor with a burnt edge, which is unusual for a milk chocolate. There’s a bit of nuttiness, but overall, the bar is about a quarter of a step above Hershey’s, and is little more than some subpar cocoa butter and an unpleasant artificial flavor.


What chocolate is not worth it for you?


  1. Aw, that's sad. I like the Cote d'Or dark chocolate.

  2. Ummm,that sugar free chocolate Hershey's chocolate bars...gross...

  3. Mmm you had me at grainy texture with a burnt edge. mmmmm sooo gooood ;)

  4. Actually, the Cote D'Or Noir Citron (70% dark chocolate filled with a rich lemon centre) is very good. Try it!

    Doreen Pendgracs

  5. you must be crazy to even consider this type of chocolate as bad. Victoria.