Monday, August 8, 2011

Malie Kai: Cappuccino Bar

Just as my trip to Oahu eventually had to end, so must my series of reviews of Malie Kai chocolates. Perhaps they’ll produce some new bars, and perhaps they’ll be available in the mainland in the near future. Perhaps. In the meantime, to conclude this series of reviews of thoroughly American-made chocolate, I bring you the Cappuccino Bar, a milk-chocolate based bar enhanced with Kona Coffee beans.

The bar includes a coffee aroma in addition to the cream and caramel aromas characteristic of Malie Kai’s milk chocolate. The bits of coffee beans are also visible, and I was relieved to see that they appeared to be nicely chopped and distributed.

This fine grind prevents the coffee from completely overwhelming the bar, though it is quite strong and only tempered by the addition of quite a bit of sugar.

Aside from the coffee flavor, hints of caramel and dairy are evident from the chocolate, however, the coffee is truly dominant. I would prefer a bar with a greater emphasis on the chocolate, and while this bar is alright, it was my least favorite of the Malie Kai chocolates.

I still liked the others, so I’m hoping that mainland shops wake up to the outstanding cocoa available from Hawaii and begin carrying bars like Malie Kai’s that are based on this cocoa.

Would you like to see a shop near you carry Hawaiian chocolate?


  1. YES. I would love to try some coffee chocolate actually in general. I have never tried it but it seems so good. I don't like coffee cake though but how can you argue with good chocolate..

  2. Oooh, I think I'd prefer this to the plain milk chocolate one! Love me some strong coffee flavours :)

  3. This company seems like a winner overall. Which bar did you like the best?

    @lolzthatswim: I've never had coffee cake with coffee in it before - - but I don't think I'd like that, either!

  4. This sounds delicious, but then I am a HUGE fan of coffee.

    I do hope some area stores start carrying this company's products, they all sound amazing.

  5. Is there a place in NYC that carries Hawaii chocolate?

  6. From the reviews I read from you, yes I would like to see a store with Hawaiin chocolate!
    I prefer a chocolate taste too, so I don't think I would care for this particular bar