Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cote d'Or: Saveur Moka

Plodding along through “Bad Chocolate Week” continues with another Cote d’Or bar. Oh frightening: an attempt at a coffee-infused milk chocolate bar.

The bar honestly has a flavor of malted milk. And not in a good way. Some artificial caramel and unpleasant coffee flavors combine in a bizarre way that doesn’t sit well on my tongue at all.

The texture is at least a bit smoother than the Cote d’Or plain milk chocolate, and the melt is almost acceptable.

Sadly, that fake malted milk with coffee and sugar is the only flavor that you get along with that melt.

Happily, this is the last d’Or chocolate in this review series. My tastebuds are grateful.

Have you had chocolate that tasted like malted milk before? What kind?


  1. Yay, something new!

    I OD'd on malted milk balls as a youngster... I can't stand the taste now, so uck to this bar:(

  2. I have to admit I cam clearly NOT a classy girl as I love malted malt balls and interestingly, just posted a blondie recipe that included them today. :-) I do enjoy your descriptions of chocolate. They are so nuanced.

  3. uh oh. I think I"m in trouble by stumbling across your blog. The other I get, the more I love chocolate. Uh OH! LOL!

  4. I like the elephant on the chocolate bar! ;)

    I recently tried a bar that tasted a little like Ovomaltine (or Ovotine in certain places of the world). It was this one.