Friday, February 4, 2011

Teuscher Boston: Orange Chocolate Bar

One thing that is probably evident to most readers of this blog is that I enjoy milk chocolate, even though I also appreciate great white chocolate and dark chocolate. I’m also a fan of citrus paired with chocolate, and also find pure Teuscher chocolate bars to be delicious. When I saw this orange milk chocolate bar, I knew I had to at least try it.

Hannah can stop reading now. She hates milk chocolate and hates orange. But everybody else, read on. This one might be for you.

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous after my less-than-great experience with the Teuscher dark chocolate lemon bar. Would I be met with an over-the-top citrus flavor, left conflicted to compare the flavor shortcomings to the near-perfect texture in most Teuscher bars? When I unwrapped the bar, I became a bit more hopeful because the aroma was similar to that of a just-peeled orange.

The orange component of taste was fortunately also quite real, and was evident mostly as an aftertaste. As the orange flavor is initially subtle, cream and vanilla notes in the milk chocolate, which is soft and smooth, are also apparent. The bar does an outstanding job of balancing sweet milk chocolate with a tangy orange flavor, without letting either dominate or fade. I would certainly buy more of this bar the next time I happen upon a Teuscher shop.

Have you ever been scared to try a chocolate bar based on experiences with a similar one? Did you eat it (all) anyway?


  1. I usually eat chocolate even if its not my favorite! This bar sounds really awesome, though! =D

  2. *giggles for rather a long time* Oh, Victoria! When this post came up in my reader, I thought "I shall be brave and read this, for I care about Victoria", so your little shout-out was such a delight!

    I must say, though, that I definitely don't hate milk chocolate :) I still dream about Vosges Barcelona and Habana bars, after all ;) Just can't stand orange in any kind of chocolate...

  3. @fitchocoholic It's true - you need variety in chocolate, can't just eat your favorites all the time.

  4. @Hannah I knew you'd appreciate it Hannah. I have an orange caramel recipe coming up that you'll just have to skip.