Friday, February 25, 2011

Star Wars Cookies: I'm One Cool Sister

My brother’s birthday is today. Happy birthday, Doug!

Since he’s a big Star Wars fan, I bought him BOTH sets of the recently-released Williams Sonoma Star Wars cookie cutters.

Am I or am I not the best sister ever? But a really, really great sister would make cookies with those cookie cutters, too.

I’m a really, really great sister.

For the Darth Vader Cookies, I made Brownie Roll-Out Cookies.

I again used Gail’s “Between the Sheets” method to roll unchilled dough and subsequently freeze it. I cut out the cookies, and then kept the frozen until JUST before baking at 350° F for 15 minutes.

But why? To keep the shape of Vader’s beautiful face.

The other thing I did that I believe was important to my ultimate success in this project was humming the Imperial March during the entire process.

What? I live by myself. I have to take advantage of the perks.

Now onto the storm trooper cookies.

Since storm troopers are white, I needed a suitable white cookie. A non-chocolate cookie. I settled on Julie’s recipe for Maple Sugar Cookies.

I followed the same process as with the Vader cookies – keeping the cookies frozen until just before I put them in the oven.

Is that a formidable looking group or what?

The cookies have successfully arrived at my brother’s place in Cincinnati, and I trust that some of them have successfully been eaten.

Have you seen the Star Wars cookie cutters? Do you think you'll get them?


  1. Love it! And yes, you are one cool sister.

  2. What a great present! You are an awesome sister! =D

  3. Those look great, but now I've got the imperial march stuck in my head.

  4. Haha, I have seen those cookie cutters and while I approve, I will probably not drop the bucks to get them. They're neat, but I'm typically too lazy to do a lot of dough rolling; I'm more of a drop-cookie kind of gal except on holidays. Not that I wouldn't accept the cutters if someone bought them for me. :D

    Awesome present, though! ^_^

  5. This is amazing! I want these cookie cutters.

    I totally met the guy I'm dating at a Star Wars convention.

  6. Nice! What a great sister!

  7. These are awesome!! And they look so perfect too. I'm hooked for life on that tip and actually just shared a link to it with another blogger who had cookie rolling woes. Thanks for sharing it in the first place! And no, I wouldn't buy these, but I'm not into Star Wars. Now if they were Doctor Who... :)

  8. I have to say I might be the only one that has not seen any of the Star Wars movies. I need to get on that. First the movies - then these fabulous cookies!

  9. hehe, these are awesome, you are a great sister ;)

  10. Happy birthday Doug! You really are an awesome sister :) There's no way I'd buy those cookie cutter, I must admit. Disney cookie cutters maybe...

  11. Haha, these look awesome. And delicious!

  12. Ahh these are amazing!!! I love goofy cookie cutters and my boyfriend loves Star Wars... I might have to look into these :)

  13. @Mary at n00bcakes Me too, but the between the sheets technique really helps. And seriously, storm trooper cookies? Worth it.

  14. @Jessica @ bake me away! That tip is the only reason I'm willing to make cutout cookies. Seriously.

  15. @oliepants I actually haven't seen any of them either - my brother is the huuuuuuuuge fan.