Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lindt Feinherb: Chocolate from Germany

Back when Leigh came and visited me, we had quite the time. Not only did she graciously accept some of my macaron experiments, but she also brought me some chocolate straight from Germany. The haul included a bar of Lindt Feinherb, which is a milk chocolate mousse bar.

The exterior has a bit of a waxy feel, and has clear vanilla and cream tastes with a hint of a coffee undertone.

The interior mousse is very sweet, and is substantial enough to hold up to the exterior coating quite well. It’s fluffy and creamy, and I believe I could eat some of this on its own.

You know, the way people eat chocolate mousse on its own.

The chocolate flavor in this bar isn’t that complex, but the bar offers a creamy, sweet treat that I enjoyed, though it isn’t one of my favorite milk chocolate treats given the waxy nature of the coating.

Have you had mousse filled chocolates before?


  1. I've never ever had a chocolate bar like that! It looks amazing!!! We get that brand here....maybe I'll look for it soon!!! =D

  2. I have, but they're often not dark enough for me - I get overwhelmed by the creamy sweetness and start longing for some 85% :P