Friday, February 18, 2011

Indulgence Chocolatiers: 60% Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Tart Cherries and Almonds

Lest you think that my experience with the creations by Indulgence Chocolatiers was limited to the salty variety, I have one more bar to report on today: The 60% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Bar.

The bar includes roasted almonds, as well as dried tart cherries from Door County (Wisconsin), which is a nice nod to locally-available ingredients.

You can see, however, what I didn’t like about this bar.

The added cherries and almonds are in there WHOLE – meaning that they aren’t evenly distributed. You might get a bite of all chocolate. You might get a bite that’s 90% almond. You might get nothing but a cherry with some bits of chocolate attached. You just flat out can’t enjoy it all together.

That aside, how are all the component ingredients? The cherries are very tart, and contrast well with the fairly sweet chocolate, which has a bit of grit to it along with a hint of vanilla flavor. The chocolate is acceptable, but not outstanding, and the almonds are likewise reasonably well-toasted, but aren’t anything incredible either. This was by far my least favorite bar from Indulgence Chocolatiers, though that’s more a testament to how addicting the Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt bar was.

Seriously, though, chop up your cherries and almonds, and maybe I’d have a different opinion.

Do you like chocolate bars with cherries?


  1. YES! I completely agree (though I'm not fussed by the whole cherries in Green and Black's bar, as there are enough of them to be in every bite) with hating whole nuts because the nuts and chocolate never taste integrated. HIGH FIVE.

  2. Chocolate....yummy!! I TOTALLY AGREE I don't want cherries in my chocolate. I like it all by itself. Thank you for the sweet comments and congrats on your SWIM!!! You are absolutely amazing!

  3. Too much! And this is yet another brand I didn't know about. Well done.

  4. @Hannah Hannah, I try to explain to people how in synch we are, even though we've never so much as talked on the phone. And they look at me like I'm strange.

    They're probably right...

  5. @The Hungry Runner Girl Haha, I usually swim a lot more, but your post was totally cool today!

  6. @foodjunk These folks aren't sold much outside the Milwaukee area, but they do ship. I love finding new chocolatiers, luckily these bars were generally pretty good.