Saturday, February 12, 2011

Divine Chocolate: 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Hearts

In reviewing chocolates that you could gift for Valentine’s Day, which is just days away, I’ve noticed that paraphernalia related to this holiday is quite pervasive. Have you noticed that you honestly can’t pass through a checkout line without seeing some Valentine’s chocolates displayed?

Valentine’s chocolates like these Divine 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Hearts, which I spied while waiting to pay for my groceries at Whole Foods.

This pack includes 18 tiny little dark chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil.

Once unwrapped, a subtle coffee aroma becomes apparent.

The chocolate, which snaps nicely, has an earthy undertone and a slight fruity flavor – specifically, hints of banana are apparent. The taste is a bit bitter, but there is enough sugar to cut through the bitterness, and the texture is sublimely buttery and smooth.

Though this is a pleasing, high quality chocolate, if you buy this for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, it will be obvious that you picked it up at the grocery store at the last minute. Not a good move. A better move: Buy some Teuscher, Hotel Chocolate, Chocolate Moderne, Vosges, or other delicious, more creative treats for Valentine’s day. Then purchase these Divine Hearts to enjoy as a couple when these go on clearance on the 15th.

Are plain chocolates sufficient for Valentine’s Day? Or should true chocolate lovers be given more?


  1. Yummy!!!!!!!
    I'd buy those! =P

  2. Seems as though I've found another chocoholic.

  3. Not that I've ever been given anything for Valentine's Day, chocolate or not, but I'd definitely want something a bit special!

    I think I can actually get Divine chocolate at Oxfam shops here! Will have to investigate :)

  4. @fitchocoholic If you can get them, you should! They are very nice small treats.

  5. @Hannah I do believe Oxfam carries Divine - maybe not the hearts, but I'm sure it's just standard 70% cocoa dark chocolate.