Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lindt Weiss: More Chocolate from Germany

One way you can tell that somebody a good friend is that they do all they can to ensure that you aren’t deprived of mousse-filled chocolate.

Obviously, Leigh is a good friend. When she came to visit, she brought me a Lindt Weiss Bar, which was a white chocolate bar filled with white chocolate mousse.

Hello, sugar.

For real.

The outer coating is quite smooth thanks to what seems to be some fairly high quality cocoa butter, and tastes like powdered sugar with a hint of vanilla – this is really, really sweet.

The mousse on the inside is light and fluffy, but is also just a tad waxy. Overall, each bite is sweet and buttery, with a flavor even less complex than that in the milk chocolate.

So if you like sugared butter, perhaps with a bit of extra cream, get this bar. If not, go for something else.

Do you enjoy very sugary chocolate?


  1. That is a tough question. From your description I feel like i would thoroughly enjoy this bar, but then again, I feel MORE satisfied with darker chocolate varieties. I would have to try it

  2. I think I'd like a darker chocolate better.....I prefer rich flavor over sweet. But I'd still eat this if it were available! =D

  3. I love dark chocolate and am not a sweets person at all; it's hard to find the sweet and chocolate in separate places though

  4. Sugary chocolates are not my main love... although they're insanely easy to eat in large quantities!

  5. @cyclicalunemployment Definitely try some high cocoa percentage chocolate - or perhaps something with nibs as well. It would cut back on the sugar a bit.