Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teuscher Beverly Hills: Orange and Cocoa Truffles

When I wrote about the Biagio sample day yesterday, did you think I was done writing about my box of Teuscher chocolates from Beverly Hills? Nah. Of course not. It was a big box. So along we go.

After experiencing the wonderful lemon jelly chocolate from the Beverly Hills Teuscher shop, I was sad to part with that bit of citrusy delight. Fortunately, I also had an orange truffle in my box.

The aroma is dominated by cocoa, with a faint note of orange also present.

The interior reveals a bit of orange that is present mostly as an aftertaste, and is firm but not very tart. There’s a bit of added sugar, but the coating of cocoa powder balances it well. The thin chocolate shell between the interior and the cocoa powder has hints of vanilla and a texture that matches well to the firm interior. Though the truffle was enjoyable, I prefer a stronger orange flavor in an chocolate purported to be orange, and would favor Teuscher’s orange gianduja over this truffle.

Having depleted the fruity pieces from my box, it was time to move along to the plain cocoa truffle, which was quite similar to the orange in construction, as it featured a thin shell covered in cocoa powder.

The cocoa aroma is intense. I was eager to see what was sitting inside the thin chocolate shell.

The interior is, like that of the orange truffle, firm and features a slow melt. The dominant flavor is creamy, with a faint hint of coffee. The exterior is exceptionally intense and bitter, and matches well with the exterior not only in flavor, but in texture as well – no crumbling of the shell takes place in any bite. While the intensity of the exterior would make this a treat for dark chocolate lovers only, the creaminess of the interior makes it more universally appealing. If you are selecting chocolates for a friend at Teuscher, be sure to add a cocoa truffle to the mix.

Especially if you are my friend.

If you are buying chocolates for a friend, how do you chose what to put in the box?


  1. I put a lot of typical flavors in but then I kind of think about what I've seen her eat. Especially with my mom, I have to think. I mean I normally get a box of 15-20 chocolates so I feel if they like 75% of them, I've done well lolz.

  2. I try to get a variety of textures/flavors but also keep in mind what I would like because chances are, he/she will like it too!

  3. Ooh these look delicious, i like the sound of the orange truffle especially. I normally try to think what the person would like but then also get them a good selection of different flavours.

  4. Seriously, those look amazing!!! I usually get an assortment!!! Thank you so much for the youtube video!!! You made my day and that helped big time!

  5. oh my heavens me, I love chocolate with orange. sigh why don't I have any right now?? :P

    I usually pick chocolate gifts by thinking of what I would like. Of course I always need to get the same exact thing for myself so that I don't eat all of the gift chocolate! :P

  6. When I was a kid, I used to think the idea of chocolate with fruit was gross... oh how wrong I was! Orange and chocolate is a great combination
    I usually pick chocolates out that are pretty "normal" so I hope the person will be able to enjoy at least a few (if they are picky!) So I will go for variations of milk and dark, caramels, some truffles, perhaps a few with coconut, and different types of nuts