Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dilettante: Coffee-Flavored Truffle Creams

After encountering some overpowering mint and a sugar bomb labeled as a peanut-butter piece, I decided to play it safe with two coffee-style truffle creams from my bag of Dilettante. Starting with the mocha.

The piece offers a faint smell of coffee, offering hope that taste other than concentrated sugar lay ahead.

The interior is just a bit softer than the shell, which allowed me to enjoy the piece as a whole rather than a crumbly disaster.

In the interior, the mocha flavor is intense, and it appears that there are some coffee-infused sugar crystals that leave a strong coffee aftertaste. The chocolate itself is not very notable, and serves more as a medium to deliver the coffee flavor, but is creamy and sweet. Fortunately, with the strong mocha flavor, the sugar is not overwhelming. I enjoyed this piece, but would like a more assertive chocolate flavor to accompany the mocha.

Another coffee-based flavor in the package was the creamy latte.

The piece offers a very, very faint aroma of chocolate, with no notable latte notes, and a soft chocolate shell.

The interior is roughly the same density as that exterior, which, again, makes it easy to enjoy this truffle cream as a whole.

The latte component is as subtle in the flavor as it is in the aroma, and is most apparent at the end of each bite. The chocolate is sweet and creamy, with caramel undertones. I did enjoy how the latte flavor wasn’t as dominant in this piece as the mocha flavor in the previous piece, as this allowed the caramel notes from the chocolate to come forward, but a bit more emphasis on the latte might have been an improvement. Again, it was an acceptable, non-offensive chocolate, but not anything outstanding.

How strong do you think the coffee flavor should be in coffee-flavored chocolates?


  1. STRONG. Super strong. Deliciously bitter and super string. *ahem*

  2. YEAH! STRONG! I especially like it when coffee is distributed on top of the bar and it gets stuck in my teeth... to be enjoyed throughout the day in bitter bursts of flavor!

    Okay not really, but my teeth are so good at picking up nasty things such as coffee bits that I have to play it off as something mildly enjoyable.

  3. I actually don't care for coffee flavoured chocolates too much. Perhaps the ones I had are just sad but I would rather drink my coffee than eat it.

  4. I didn't used to like coffee flavor in anything, but now I love it. The stronger the better.

  5. Well, at least these were better than the other truffles!!! :D

  6. these look like fudge almost! I'm not into coffee flavored anything non-coffee really. The truffle cream idea does sound great though

  7. As much as I like coffee, I don't really like anything that is mocha/coffee flavored! This includes ice cream, brownies, cookies and chocolate unfortunately :(
    I suppose a slight taste of it is okay...but nothin more than that!

  8. Least theese werent disgusting hehe!
    Ermm it depends what type of chocolate the coffee is paired with to be honest, i like stronger flavours in white & milk, but more mellow coffee flavours with dark chocolate.