Thursday, May 12, 2011

K Chocolatier: Bittersweet Discs and Viennese Marzipan

Even though the semi-sweet disc I was given to sample at K Chocolatier was quite nice, I declined to purchase a larger quantity because I knew which of the plain chocolates I really wanted: the bittersweet discs.

Diane Kron, the owner of K Chocolatier, says that some doctors call chocolate with such a high cocoa percentage “medicine” because of the notable antioxidant properties in high-quality cocoa.

I think I need to find one of these doctors. And pretend to be very, very sick so that I can get a prescription for large quantities of ultra-dark chocolate.

Alas, no health insurance reimbursement for these discs, but I selected a bag nonetheless. Upon unwrapping the first disk, I was greeted with a woody aroma and a bit of a coffee undertone.

The chocolate has an exceptionally slow melt, not a bit of which is dry. The chocolate is quite pure tasting, with only a bit of sugar to offset the bitterness. The woody flavor lingers long after the chocolate has slowly melted away; the taste and texture are truly top-notch.

I also picked up a bag of something potentially divisive: Viennese Marzipan.

It seems that people either hate or love marzipan. I’m in the middle: I like it if used well – but not plain. In this case, Diane Kron has elected to cover bits of marzipan with dark chocolate. Each little big gives off an aroma reminiscent of almond, but not one with an overly sweet character.

The almond aroma hinted at the perfect blend of almond and sugar offered by the marzipan. The texture is neither too liquid nor too dry, and the texture of the marzipan itself is spot on. The chocolate covering it is a tiny bit waxy, but still offers a nice melt to accompany the fruity and woody notes. There are two ways to eat this: the melt method, where you let the treat melt in your mouth, and the chew method, where you chew the treat and better blend the flavors. I enjoyed the chew method because of the flavor blending, but the melt method allowed me to enjoy the treat for longer and to enjoy the marzipan on its own.

Melt or chew: what’s your approach?


  1. I would go for a hybrid, to maximize my fuel efficiency economically. I would perhaps take a bite and then let it melt - would the tiny bit waxy covering keep the chocolate from melting for a time?

    I am on the fence with marzipan too, but love all things almond.

  2. I definitely think that super dark chocolate should be considered medicine!!! hahahaha
    I don't particularly like marzipan, but I'd probably try it if it were chocolate covered. :P

  3. I wish I had the patience to melt. I'm definitely in the dislike of marzipan camp, but I can't say I've ever had it with chocolate. Perhaps this might change my mind.

  4. I more or less prefer inhale. I think it's a good method for anything.

  5. Chew! I like the size of the marzipan because I think I prefer it in small doses, and with chocolate.