Wednesday, May 11, 2011

K Chocolatier: Milk and Semi-Sweet Discs

In addition to the complementary white, milk, and dark chocolate K bears filled with crisped rice that Diane Kron herself provided upon my (apparently large) purchase from K Chocolatier, she threw in a beautiful flower box filled with a few plain chocolate discs.

You’re probably wondering how much I spent in that one trip to K Chocolatier. Let’s not talk about that and say we did, OK? I think a better subject to discuss is what the milk discs were like.

The disc has a weak caramel aroma, leaving me to taste it to determine what was going on here.

The soft chocolate was not very complex in flavor, offering standard creamy notes and a strong caramel tone. It actually verges on too sweet, and despite its smooth, creamy texture, isn’t quite at the level of other K Chocolatier creations.

But what about the semi-sweet discs that also came in that beautiful flower box?

Right away, I was greeted with something more complex, an aroma with caramel and nutty notes.

This disc was also smooth, creamy and somewhat soft, with a nice medium melt. In this chocolate, however, the flavor is up to par with the texture. The nuttiness is distinct, and coffee and vanilla undertones play well with it. It’s a very nice piece, though I declined to pick up a full bag because I was already spending (value redacted) at the shop.

Have you ever gotten chocolates in a flower-shaped box?


  1. Those discs are so cute!!!! :D Glad you got to try some out!

  2. That's actually hilarious, because after reading your first sentence my next thought was "Wow, exactly how much DID she spend there?" I am in awe of your chocolatey prowess. RESPECT.

  3. Definitely not, but now I'm wishing I had! What a lovely box. Can't quite figure out how it opens from the picture, but that's what imaginations are for, right?

  4. I wish I had that sounds so good. I agree with Emma and that I'm still trying to figure out how to open it.

  5. Wow the flower box looks beautiful, definately something a bit different there!