Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chocolate-Fueled Runners: From 5k to Marathon

After seeing my recent chocolate haul from Chicago, you might be wondering whether or not I weigh 300 lbs. You might especially be wondering how this is possible if you have read about some of my large-scale baking projects, my trips to Biagio’s sample days, and the times that I brought home large quantities of chocolate from Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boston. Oh, and Chicago. Before.

The answer is that, no I don’t weight 300 lbs (or even half that). But how, yes how, with all the chocolate I feature here? I generally credit my swimming addiction, which leads me to the pool five days a week, but it wouldn’t be fair to fail to mention running.

Despite this fancy equipment, I don’t consider myself a runner – I’m a swimmer at heart. But today, just for fun, I’ll be running a chocolate-fueled road race. The Capitol Hill Classic 10k should be a blast, and I’ll be joined by several DC-area bloggers, including Beth, Chase, and Liz.

But wait! Would you have guessed that other chocolate bloggers from around the country, and the world, also run? It’s true! I do believe that this indicates that chocolate consumption is a key aspect of achieving athletic excellence. Check out this list of races that some of my fellow chocolate-focused bloggers have run, or are about to run.

Lee, with his highly analytical reviews of chocolate bars and confections from around the globe, is running Manchester 10k today.

Natalie, with whom I just exchanged some wonderful chocolate, is taking on a half marathon at the Great North Run in September

Katie, with her fun-filled vegan chocolate recipes, just likes to “run for fun” – but I do believe she is quite speedy during her fun runs.

George, a founding member of the Manhattan Chocolate Society, just completed the Bronx Zoo 5k.

Russell Lewis, out of Austin, also ran a 5k recently – the Chuy 5k.

And finally, Evan, who creates brilliant brownie recipes, ran the National Marathon (!) in March. Whew.

It’s clear from this list that chocolate is an athletic-performance enhancing substance. Just don’t tell the World Anti-Doping Agency, OK?

And we’ll see how my race goes. If I’m not happy with my time, perhaps it’s time to up my chocolate consumption.

Do you think chocolate enhances athletic performance?


  1. Chocolate fueled race?! Now that is motivation:-) I hope it went well!

  2. What's it called when you've got the thing in science that defies the rule/evidence that applies in other cases? 'Cause that's clearly me, with my high chocolate consumption and non-exercise lifestyle...

  3. Chocolate fuels my running!
    I do think a lot of people find balance by running or other exercise to counter their love of sweets. Makes sense to me!

  4. YES! I just fueled myself with a dark chocolate waffle and I'm going to be running some awesome miles in a few hours.

  5. Hope your run went well! Chocolate sure definately fuels my running well, nothing like a good old bit of chocolate to set you off!

  6. Have fun today!
    I had my best run ever after eating two chocolate bars for lunch. No lie.

  7. I hope your run went well, I cannot wait to hear about it! I have never tried running with chocolate as an energy source, but that will be something to investigate before a run :)

  8. Love it! Hope your run went well. I'm running Boston's Run to Remember half in a couple of weeks - my first half ever! I'm definitely fueled by chocolate too :)

  9. I'm so glad to see so many other chocoholic runners. When I have a really long run coming up, I need chocolate to settle my nerves. It just works.

  10. The thought of the reward of chocolate is enough to make me run fast! :)

  11. Fun post! When I see bakery owners on the Food Network or other TV shows, it seems like they are runners a good portion of the time. I wouldn't be surprised if chocolate increases athletic performance. I went on a cleanse a few weeks ago (i.e. no chocolate) and my runs were terrible. I was so tired. But once I got back on chocolate, I was fine again. Seems like proof to me. :)

  12. My bro-in-law who used to make raw chocolate bars trains athletes. We also refer to him as the Food Nazi. 'nuff said.