Saturday, May 28, 2011

Madame Chocolat: Citrus Chocolates

Since my visit to Los Angeles was nearly four months ago now, you surely assume that I am now done posting reviews of the chocolate I got there, especially after the epic series of posts about the contents of the box I got from the Teuscher Beverly Hills boutique.

Ha. No. I have yet to discuss what I picked up when I dropped by Madame Chocolat on Carl’s recommendation. His case was compelling: the shop is run by Hasty Torres, the wife of acclaimed chocolatier Jaques Torres.

Since I love citrus with white chocolate, or any chocolate, really, my selections included, among other things, the Citron, which was white chocolate with lime.

The piece features a clear lime aroma, and the couverture is sweet and smooth.

The interior features a distinct, but not overwhelming, lime flavor. Flavors of cream, presumably from the white chocolate, and salt also emerge, as does a very slight hint of basil. The complimentary flavors of lime, salt, and basil cut through the sweet white chocolate nicely; put together with a couverture and filling that are well-matched in texture and density, the result is a well-balanced piece that I would certainly eat again.

And again.

But of course, I instead went for variety and moved along do the Jus d’orange.

This piece has an herby aroma with a bit of orange, which reminded me of a Clementine peel, and the couverture is, as with the Citron, quite sweet.

That sweet exterior is necessary to counteract the strong, tart orange flavor carried by the creamy ganache interior. The flavor, while intense, is purely natural in taste, and is meant only for a real orange lover. Though the couverture is just a bit hard compared to the interior and some breakage may occur, the sweet and tart combination more than makes up for it.

Have you ever gone to a chocolate shop based on somebody’s recommendation?


  1. Yum!!! I'm seriously taking notes on all of the chocolate shops that I plan to visit in the future! :D

  2. Gorgeous chocolates. I have heard of this shop but now I'm putting your recommendation for this shop on my list for my next visit to LA.

  3. Oh my god.

    That is all. I want to go there right now. Citrus chocolates. Another hell yeah in my book.

  4. It's funny how much I love lime chocolate with orange chocolate makes me feel sick :P

  5. No, but when/if ever I'm in some city and am seeking chocolate, I will whip out my iphone and search your blog for hits and misses. Do you have a District Chocoholic app? :P

    (These are so pretty!)