Sunday, May 29, 2011

Madame Chocolat: Oh La La (really)

Having been impressed by the superb flavor combinations I experienced with the two citrus-white chocolate pieces from Madame Chocolat, I was eager to move along to another fruit-based concoction: The Oh La La, which included passionfruit.

Oh La La indeed. The piece had strong earthy and fruity aromas, with a smooth dark chocolate shell that featured an earthy flavor with only the tiniest bit of added sugar.

No need for the shell to include much sugar; the intense passionfruit flavor in the dark chocolate-based center imparts exactly the right amount of sugar to the entire piece. It also features a beautiful tart bite and a true passionfruit flavor. One unfortunate issue with this piece is the hard and thick exterior, which results in some minor breakage; the blend of outstanding flavors is worth the mess.

Though I had clearly ascertained that Hasty Torres is skilled in creating fruit-based chocolates, I wondered how she was with plain pieces. Enter: The Noir, which is a plain 60% cocoa chocolate.

A coffee aroma is immediately evident. Time to bite in.

The flavor also features an immediate strong coffee component, along with earthy and woody undertones. The taste is quite complex, especially for a 60% cocoa piece, and little sugar is added to this piece with a slow, smooth melt. The flavor is long-lasting, but I was still left wishing for an entire bar of this concoction.


Have you ever had a small piece of chocolate that you wished was a large piece?


  1. Yuuum!!!! I usually prefer a plain chocolate, and definitely am sad if a small truffle is gone too soon! :D

  2. I'm pretty sure I always wish there was more chocolate!

  3. Mm wow these both look delicious, any good chocolate there always needs to be more of!!

  4. OMG. I hella heart passionfruit. Didn't realize it so much until going to NZ. WANT.