Saturday, May 7, 2011

Compartes: Handmade Truffles from Los Angeles

Whew. Three months later, and I’ve finally finished posting reviews of chocolate I picked up during my trip to Seattle. It’s a good thing I didn’t go and drop nearly $200 on chocoalte in another city.

Except...I did. The very next week. In Los Angeles.

Get ready for more reviews of West Coast chocolates. They’ll be up for a while. First at bat: truffles from Compartes, a Brentwood chocolatier founded in the 1950s.

Compartes prides themselves on using the freshest ingredients and making all their creations by hand. They have a large assortment of truffle flavors, including unusual flavors like raspberry and pink pepper. While I selected several intriguing flavors for my box, I also selected an original dark truffle to fully evaluate the character of the truffle construction.

The truffle has earthy and coffee aromas, and is generally not very sweet, which allows the earthy flavor to come forward. The interior is buttery in nature, which isn’t my personal preference, but it melts nicely and isn’t waxy. My complaint is with the couverture: it’s too crisp for the interior and breaks apart. It’s nearly impossible to take bites of this truffle without the entire thing falling apart in your hand.

I suppose you could just eat it all in one bite. The sacrifices you have to make.

Do you start with plain truffles when you open a new box?


  1. I like the looks of that truffle - the style indicates that it may have been around since the shop started in the 50s!

  2. Oh my god. If some of that chocolate is going to waste via spoiling you can always give it to me girl ha.

    I start with my favorite flavor first always.

  3. Those look pretty good!!
    If I have a box of chocolates, I either go for the one I'm least excited about or the plain ones first....saving my favorites for last!!! :D

  4. Oooh, pretty box! I thought that was a Licorice Allsort though!

  5. Ooh ive loved the sound of some of Compartes stuff, sounds delicious, shame that the couveture wasnt all that good, I hate it when a truffle breaks apart like that.
    I normally start with whatever one looks the tastiest haha!