Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seed & Bean: Milk Chocolate

The last bit of chocolate from the package Lee sent me from the U.K. was also a milk chocolate. But this milk chocolate, from Seed & Bean, was not just any milk chocolate. This Cornish Cream Caramel Milk Chocolate bar, with 37% cocoa solids, was handmade at Roskilly’s farm using milk from their very own Jersey cows.

I probably haven’t mentioned this on this blog before, but I lived in Wisconsin for 15 years and developed a healthy appreciation for cows in that time. I flat out adore cows. So seeing milk chocolate made using milk from well-loved cows is a truly heartwarming experience.

The chocolate is soft, but still has a bit of a snap. Though there is minimal aroma, there is a strong caramel flavor, and the creaminess is distinct in both the taste and texture. The melt is slow for a milk chocolate, and at the end of that melt, a tiny bit of grit seems to come through. That aside, the chocolate is relatively smooth, though not complex. It’s a solid milk chocolate based on some wonderful milk.

From some wonderful cows. Love those cows.

What is your opinion on cows?


  1. Good milk makes all the difference. I was just reading about a yogurt made from cream sold at White Cow Dairy. The man who makes it says it's so good because they get amazing milk from their cows. I haven't checked out the dairy, but maybe they have a chocolate-flavored version.

  2. I mostly like cows, but I always feel a bit queasy when I remember a school trip to a farm where we met cows dn they had about an inch worth of eye goobies/crusties protruding from their faces and it was icky...

  3. That chocolate sounds awesome!! :D

  4. Mmm that chocolate definitely sounds like something I would enjoy!
    I like cows a lot, calves are adorable :)

  5. @Tessa @ Amazing Asset
    I'm pretty embarrassed, I meant a baby calf! haha

  6. And I flat out adore Wisconsin!

    Growing up a Minnesotan, I always had something against the gentle folk of Wisconsin, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Was it La Crosse, famed for their high number of bars per capita? Probably not...

    And then, one lovely summer, I lived in Eagle River. And it was delightful. And ever since, I have extolled the virtues of lovely Wisconsin to all fellow Minnesotans willing to listen to the truths of which I speak.

    The chocolate looks good:)

  7. You must be sad you are at the end of your stash :-(

    I love cows. We are surrounded by a small dairy farm and I love seeing those big black and white ladies from my windows. Things get noisy here in the early evening when they all start mooing at once because they are ready to be milk.

  8. Cows kind of freak me out a little bit ha. I bet bad milk would make for bad chocolate obviously in milk chocolate as well. Hmmm. I never really thought about it.