Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teuscher Beverly Hills: Fruity Pieces

Once I’d ventured into the citrus realm of Teuscher’s treats by choosing two chocolate-covered orange peel pieces for my box, I figured I’d make my visit to the Beverly Hills boutique a truly fruity one. Why not pick up a pineapple pate as well?

There wasn’t any pineapple aroma evident, instead, a faint coffee aroma from the chocolate was notable.

The pineapple flavor was quite muted as well, as it was quite heavily candied. What I noted most was that the interior featured the texture of pineapple, along with a good deal of sugar, but little pineapple flavor. The chocolate is a bit hard for the pineapple, which is somewhat chewy, and breaks away from the pineapple with some bites, making it difficult to appreciate the two flavors together. I’d prefer a tangier pineapple with a softer chocolate coating, but I was forewarned by the staff that the piece was more sugary than fruity.

They sure know their product. Maybe someday, I’ll listen


I tried another sugary fruit truffle, though this time, it was a lemon jelly square, so I was hopeful that there would be a stronger fruit flavor, perhaps some intense tartness from the lemon.

The chocolate is a bit bitter, with earthy and coffee flavors, and is quite smooth.

But the chocolate isn’t really the feature here: it’s the lemon jelly. No question. It’s the perfect texture – soft but not runny, dense but not chewy. There is a precise balance of sugar and tart lemon. A much better balance than with the pineapple. I could eat this straight. No chocolate required.

No chocolate required? Woah. Crazy talk.

Have you had lemon jelly with chocolate?


  1. Yes and it was actually nice. Some Polish brand, I wish I could remember the name...

    Google helped :D - it's Jutrzenka.

    I've also tried pineapple jelly with chocolate. The pineapple jelly ones (picture) were from Bohme, a brand owned by Halloren. I never liked Bohme chocolates much (it's true that it was mostly because of the crappy fillings), but their jellies (coated in chocolate or not) are nice.

  2. I have never had lemon jelly with chocolate but I have had chocolate with lemon yest in it and it is certainly delicious.

  3. Ooh, that lemon jelly piece sounds gooooood! Tangy wonderfulness.

  4. That lemon/chocolate piece sounds amazing!!!! I love when tart lemon is well balanced with sweet!!!