Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teuscher Beverly Hills: The Left Behind Truffles

I would be sad today. I really would. Why? Because today’s post features the last of the chocolate from my haul from the Teuscher Beverly Hills boutique.

But I’m not sad. Because I just picked up more Teuscher in Chicago.

I have a problem. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about Teuscher truffles. Like this Bailey’s truffle.

The couverture features two layers, a smooth milk chocolate coating with a creamy flavor and hints of caramel on the very outside, and an interior layer of dark chocolate that offers a bit of a coffee taste. It’s an interesting take on couverture.

I was a bit fearful of the interior, as boozy chocolates generally don’t appeal to me. Fortunately, there was just a slight bit of alcohol in the sugary interior, which was just a bit runny, but not enough to turn the piece into a complete disaster. I enjoyed the balance of sweet and bitter and the slight alcohol kick. This piece may work its way into my regular rotation.

One last piece from this box: the Josephine, which featured milk chocolate and crushed almonds.

The milk chocolate exterior is creamy, and seems to feature a bit of a coffee flavor.

Inside, the perfectly crisp almonds offer a satisfying crunch with the ganache that features caramel undertones. The exterior and interior meld together perfectly, which makes nibbling at this chocolate easy.

Except that it’s so delicious that you’ll want to gobble it all up at once.

Do it. Just make sure you have another half dozen of these on hand. You’ll want them.

Have you had chocolate with Bailey’s in it?


  1. That Bailey's truffle looks amazing! I think I'm going to have to go on a chocolate-Bailey's mission this weekend.

  2. Yes.

    I generally like boozy chocolates, so they're usually my first pick when I want to try something from a brand that's completely new to me.

  3. Yuum!!! That almond truffle looks amazing! I need to visit a teuscher store!

  4. I'm not sure I've had chocolate with Baileys. I remember for my high school graduation though I got some champagne truffles, they were fantastic, but now the Vosges ones are my favorites. It's been too long since I've had some. Maybe I should stop in.

  5. Oh my goodness actually yes and I loved it. Another one of my favorite fancy chocolates!

  6. Oh yum, love the look of the almond one. I've had a Bailey's Buttercream chocolate before, im not a fan of boozy chocolates either to be honest but it was really mild and more creamy and caramelly than alcohol laden, so was really yummy!

  7. I agree. Definitely not a fan of boozy desserts.

  8. oh man...

    I've never had a chocolate with Bailey's but that sounds amazing! :)

  9. I have indeed! I blogged it - I think it was called Lir, but it was a block, not a truffle :)

  10. @Hannah: I have tried those. Bailey's truffles, Bailey's truffle bar and Bailey's + caramel bar. Found all three of them to be horrible :(

  11. Maybe I should give teuscher another go? I enjoyed their truffes au champagne, but the overly kitschy shop turns me somewhat off.
    Are they the same in NA?