Friday, May 6, 2011

Dilettante: The Leftovers

Though I experienced variable quality from the bag of Dilettante truffle creams that I grabbed in the face of an impending redeye back from Seattle, I decided to finish out the last two varieties from the bag to complete this review series. Including a plain dark chocolate truffle cream.

This piece is simple: dark chocolate outside, dark chocolate inside.

The shell and interior are nearly the same density, which results in a pleasing texture blend that highlights the creamy interior.

That creamy interior features a strong chocolate flavor, which has pronounced caramel notes. Even though this piece was simple, it was one of the better choices from the selection.

I was left with a toffee crunch truffle cream.

I eyed it suspiciously. Would it be balanced in flavor, like the mocha? Or a sugar bomb like the peanut butter? The very sweet aroma made me uneasy, but I peered inside despite this.

Inside, there were tiny bits of super-sticky toffee that are probably still stuck to my teeth.

The chocolate has a nice, soft melt, but the sticky bits of toffee ruin every moment in it. Taste? I suppose there’s some vanilla from the toffee. I was too distracted by the gross little sticky bits throughout the chocolate to notice.

I should have just passed on this one. And should I ever purchase Dilettante again, I'll go for the mocha and plain dark truffle creams while passing on just about everything else.

What’s the stickiest thing you’ve ever eaten?


  1. Oh ugh. This isn't the quality I was looking for!

    Hmm stickiest thing... I used to let Jolly Ranchers melt in my mouth to the point where they would mould into a shape between my teeth. They would get stuck there and I wouldn't be able to open my jaw until they melted away completely. I'm sure there were stickier moments, maybe not stuckier though.

  2. Melting peanut brittle, I think! :D SO worth it...

  3. I love toffee, so I think I'd probably be cool with the stickiness!

  4. salt water toffee. My parents don't allow me (as a 20 year old) to eat it in the car because I make a mess. Every.Single.Time.

  5. Though I'm sure they weren't the stickiest thing I've ever had, Milk Duds were responsible for the loss of some of my baby teeth. Fact: one of these instances occurred while watching OJ speed down the highway in his white Bronco. Good times.