Saturday, May 21, 2011

Teuscher Beverly Hills: Chocolate Covered Orange Peel - Milk and Dark

Though I usually fill my Teuscher boxes with decadent pralines, truffles, and giandujas, I was intrigued by their chocolate-covered candied orange peels during my February visit to the Beverly Hills boutique, most likely because I’d made some myself just a few weeks earlier.

I was confident that Teuscher’s craftwork here would be far superior to mine, but how much? Time to investigate the milk chocolate covered orange peel.

The aroma is creamy, and little citrus is evident. I wondered if there was, in fact, orange in there. Clearly, I had to take a bite.

The peel is there, and is just a bit bitter and not very heavily candied. The milk chocolate is smooth, and the dominant flavor is creamy. The two meld together relatively well, as both are fairly soft, but there is a bit of flaking with each bite. It’s generally enjoyable, though the orange flavor isn’t very intense.

And how would this be with dark chocolate? Hmmm…if only Teuscher also offered a dark chocolate covered orange peel.


The chocolate covering the orange peel is smooth, and carries earthy and coffee flavors.

Unfortunately, despite being smooth, the chocolate is quite hard and breaks away from the soft orange peel. As the flavor of the chocolate is quite intense, the flavor of the orange peel is difficult to tease out, and this piece is not quite as well-balanced as the milk chocolate version. If I were in the mood for chocolate covered orange peel and had access to an entire Teuscher boutique, I’d likely reach for the milk version.

Do you like orange with milk or dark chocolate?


  1. This does not deserve a yes but a hell yes. I love the intense flavour of orange dark chocolate (hence why it is my favorite type of waffle)!

  2. You know my answer to this question ;)

    However, I have to disagree with you about the scatological reference you made on twitter about these. I don't think they look like that at all! Instead, I think they look like, in order of photos: a leech, a cut cable, male anatomy, and something from a horror movie coming to eat me. :P

  3. Ooh orange and chocolate is always good, i prefer my orange with milk chocolate to be honest i think, i think sometimes with dark it can all get slightly too bitter and aciddic.

  4. POOP!

    (sorry, reflex.)

    Also, I almost went the orange/chocolate route for the DB challenge, but lack of certain items prevented it.