Saturday, April 30, 2011

Go*Do Chocolate: Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

As I like to examine different brands and types of chocolates, I was in luck when I discovered that my package of U.K.-chocolate goodies from Lee wasn’t limited to the Thorntons tonka and fudge bars. Also included was a 34% cocoa milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts from Go*Do Chocolate, an Italian-based firm which produces exclusively organic chocolate.

Given the inclusion of hazelnuts, I was not surprised to find a nutty aroma, which was accented by hints of cream and caramel, which is quite common for milk chocolates.

The chocolate itself is soft with a thick, creamy melt. The creaminess is evident in the flavor as well, and caramel notes also come through in the flavor. The hazelnuts are well-chopped, well-distributed, and well-roasted, resulting in perfectly crisp bits of hazelnut in every bite. The flavors and textures of the hazelnuts and chocolates blend to create a bar that I enjoyed immensely.

What’s your take on all0organic chocolatiers?


  1. I don't have any opinion on organic foods at all actually. It doesn't effect my opinion because it's all getting shoved down my throat anyways (that is what she said?)...

  2. This blog is so awesome! I am in love with chocolate!

  3. Glad you had something you enjoyed so much, after all those lame chocolates! I've always found hazelnut in milk chocolate a bit dull myself, but am glad this was a worthy version :)

  4. Ooh glad you enjoyed this one :) i dont really have a strong opinion on them that are all organic, obviously its good for the environment etc but a lot of all organic ranges seem to fail on delivering flavour, of the ones that ive tried anyway :(

  5. I really want this right now. I have hazelnuts on my grocery list to make Hannah's chocolate coconut hazelnut butter, but it would be much easier to just unwrap that bar! :)