Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vosges Bars: Matcha

While I really like the concept of the library of chocolate bars because it gives me an opportunity to sample nine chocolate bars without spending a completely obscene amount of money, one drawback is that pre-selected varieties usually include a couple of items that I wouldn’t necessarily pick on my own. One of the bars that wouldn’t have piqued my interest on its own was the Matcha bar.

The bar is milk-chocolate based and also includes green tea, which isn’t usually my, well, cup of tea. But the bar did kindly call me a goddess before I started nibbling on it.

The green tea was just barely evident, and comes only as a mild aftertaste. Instead, the creamy milk chocolate that Vosges uses for their bars was the most noticeable. While the green tea flavor isn’t distracting, it’s so subtle that there’s barely more to this bar than the milk chocolate, and while the milk chocolate is outstanding, I would chose another Vosges bar based on milk chocolate over this one.


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