Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life-Changing Moments: Meeting Nick Malgieri

For some people, life-changing moments involve things like meeting a future spouse or accepting a new job. For a chocolate lover and baking hobbyist, meeting Nick Malgieri in person is one of those moments.

Since he was in DC this weekend, I was fortunate enough to be able to experience such a life changing moment by attending a demonstration at Sur la Table in Arlington last night.

Throughout the extensive demonstration, he gave us helpful tips, many of which are in his new book, Bake!, which I highly recommend.

He also had some humors quips about baking – my favorite was “Putting baking powder in brownies is like putting baking powder in mashed potatoes.” His instruction style was engaging, and he was very approachable and willing to answer questions during the breaks and while right in the middle of cooking. Speaking of cooking, here’s what we all got to sample.

Clockwise from the top: Chocolate and Coffee Walnut Cake, Truffle Brownie, Chocolate Meringue S Cookie, Chocolate Hazelnut Tart, Chocolate Chunk Pound Cake.

After sampling the recipe yields, Nick signed copies of Bake! for us.

He also humored me and signed my copy of Chocolate.

That’s the page with my favorite brownie recipe. Splatters and all.

He had so many useful hints that I’ll have to post them over several days this week, or this post would be far too long. Be on the lookout – some of these tips are simple to implement and apparently make a serious impact on the final product.


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