Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vosges Bars: Barcelona

One big trend in the world of chocolate seems to be incorporating salty flavors. Since I’ve always added heaping measurements of salt to my chocolate chip cookies, much to the dismay of my mother when I was younger, this is a trend that I enjoy immensely. This made me very happy to find the Barcelona bar, which included hickory smoked almonds and sea salt, in the library of Vosges bars I’d picked up.

It promises a salty chocolate treat inside.

I’m sure those letters are supposed to mean something, but I was more interested in checking out the ratio of salt to chocolate. The salt is apparent at first bite, but doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate, and a hint of hickory smoke is also apparent. The almonds are noticeable mostly as a crunchy texture, as the taste isn’t that apparent because they are so finely ground. The milk chocolate itself is creamy and not too sweet, and the additions to the bar compliment the chocolate without overwhelming it. Overall, the sweetness, saltiness, smooth chocolate and crunchy almond bits come together in a balanced way that lets the chocolate take charge. I’ll be sure to get this bar again.


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