Friday, October 15, 2010

Vosges Bars: Oaxaca

As part of my career path, I spent a little over a year living in New Mexico and developed a healthy appreciation for good chilies. Though hatch green chilies are the signature variety in the Land of Enchantment, I enjoy variety in my chilies, and was intrigued by the Oaxaca bar, which included pasila and guajillo chilies.

The 75% cocoa bittersweet bar tells the eater-to-be to slow down. Perhaps to better enjoy the bar.

On first bite, the chilies don’t come through, but as the chocolate melts away, the spicy taste becomes stronger and stronger. It sticks around in the way that a super-spicy dish does, leaving you looking for all the water in the world, though, fortunately, the chilies in this bar aren’t quite strong enough to make this unpleasant. The chocolate helps cut back on the bite of the spice, but is itself just a tad dry. I could personally use something a bit sweeter to balance out the chilies, and have to say that this isn’t really my favorite Vosges bar. It isn’t for lack of quality ingredients, but I just need a little more sugar to make something that intense palatable.


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