Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nick Malgieri Demo: Chocolate Meringue "S" Cookies

Out of everything that Nick Malgieri whipped up at his demo, the one with the shortest ingredient list was the chocolate meringue “S” cookies. Egg whites, sugar, chocolate, and a pinch of salt, carefully folded together by a master baker.

But how do you mix these ingredients to make something delicious? Nick had some suggestions to help with the process:

-When heating the egg whites and sugar, you know they are hot enough if you have to physically jerk your finger out of it. Otherwise, they are just warm, not hot.

- To get that signature “foot” on the meringue, let these dry for a few hours before baking. This is the mark of perfection.

- Use high-quality chocolate (obviously!).

Final product: light and crunchy cookie that literally melts in your mouth. The sugar-chocolate balance is nearly perfect.


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