Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vosges Bars: Red Fire

I've been neglecting reviews of the chocolates I picked up in Chicago almost three months ago. Just so much exciting stuff going on in DC - a Malgieri demo, my own baking, and just great chocolate happenings. Luckily, that didn't make the Vosges treats I picked up any less delicious. The last few treats will be reviewed in the next week or so, be sure to check in.

One of the truffles from the Vosges Aztec collection that I enjoyed the most was the red fire, with the combination of chilie, cinnamon, and chocolate. Luckily for me, though I’d quickly consumed the truffles, my library of Vosges bars included a red fire bar.

I was hopeful that the effect would be similar to that from the truffle. The bar wasn’t sprinkled with spices like the truffle was, but it did tell me that I was a goddess.

Don’t you love it when your chocolate talks to you? I sure do. I also love it when dark chocolate manages to come across as creamy and flavorful, which is impressive for a chocolate with 55% cocoa solids. The intense chocolate flavor is the first taste, and is followed by a fiery cinnamon and then the ancho and chipotle chilies. The chocolate and the extras are well balanced, and isn’t overwhelmingly spicy like the Oaxaca bar was. Nice work, Vosges.


  1. One of my most favorite chocolate bars ever is the Vosges Goji Berry bar. Yum, love that bit of Celtic sea salt. However, Teuscher is now my all-time favorite. I'm in love. :)

  2. Heather, if you like dark chocolate with salt (and Vosges does it quite, quite well - love the Barcelona bar as milk chocolate person), you should check out the Taza Salt and Pepper Mexicano Disc, which I *just* discovered this weekend. Taza's website shows that their chocolate is sold at the Green Hills Whole Foods market. Amazing stuff sold all over the country, which Teuscher sadly is not :).