Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vosges Caramels: Sunshine

The final bit of loot I have to report on from my trip to Chicago is a box of exotic caramels from Vosges.

These caramels all sounded intriguing, but the most exotic-sounding of all was the Sunshine caramel, which included honey and bee pollen.

Bee pollen! Sprinkled right on top of that milk chocolate coating. The bee pollen itself was a little tart and added a nice zing to contrast with the sweet milk chocolate exterior.

Inside, the caramel itself was a little more standard, though there was certainly a distinct honey flavor that was noticeably different from standard sugar-based caramel. The caramel was nearly halfway between liquid and chewy, but did trend a bit towards chewy. Fortunately, the soft milk chocolate accommodated this so that each bite included chocolate and caramel, and there was no crumbling from mis-matched textures like there are in some less superb chocolate-covered caramels. I liked this caramel overall, and the bee pollen was a great touch.


  1. Mmmm those do look exotic - bee pollen - what an idea!

  2. Vosges has the best ideas, don't they? I especially love that it was paired with honey - genius.