Friday, November 12, 2010

Vosges Caramels: Tarte

One of the more intriguing-sounding caramels in the Vosges exotic caramel box I picked up was the Tarte caramel, which includes blood orange and hibiscus powder.

The caramel itself is coated with dark chocolate, and sprinkled with some very tart hibiscus powder that adds another delicious dimension to the treat.

Inside is a caramel with a bit of a tart kick that is just sweet enough to contrast the super-tart exterior dusting and dark chocolate coating. Texture-wise, the caramel is a bit chewier than I personally like, but not excessively so, and the dark chocolate is soft enough that the two meld together perfectly in each bite. The combination of tart, sweet, and chocolate is spot on, and the texture contrast is nearly perfect as well. By far my favorite caramel from this collection, which I regret to report I have polished off completely.


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