Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vosges Bars: Black Pearl

After sampling the rest of my Vosges library, I was left with the Black Pearl bar, which is a dark chocolate bar that includes sesame seeds and wasabi.

When I unwrapped the bar, I saw some letters that, again, probably were supposed to mean something. However, I didn’t spend much time bothering to read it, because I was looking forward to eating this one to the point of being impatient. I was especially excited because experience indicates that Vosges usually does a pretty good job of mixing chocolate with spicy flavors.

The sesame seeds are evident immediately, and give a nice satisfying crunch to compliment the smooth dark chocolate. The wasabi is much less noticeable, and comes across mostly as a generic spicy kick that is present more as an aftertaste than as a primary feature. While the wasabi is not strong, this allows the intense dark chocolate flavor, which features a bit of a coffee undertone, to come through with the tiny bit of sugar that cuts the bitterness just the right amount. The overall effect is one I’d be interested in eating again. Often.


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