Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vosges Caramels: Maple

Having enjoyed the Sunshine caramel, which incorporated honey into the caramel, I moved along to another Vosges caramel that utilized a non-traditional sweetening agent: the Maple, which used, well, maple syrup.

Before I got to that caramel, I found a sprinkling of sugar on top of some soft dark chocolate. While the sugar didn’t add much, it didn’t interfere with the taste or texture.

Inside, some walnuts give a nice crunch to contrast with the slightly chewy caramel, which imparts a definite maple aftertaste. The soft dark chocolate blends well with the caramel texture and doesn’t crumble at all. In terms of the overall texture, this caramel has diversity and harmony, but the taste doesn’t involve anything too notable aside from the hint of maple. It’s a neat idea, but it wasn’t my favorite from the collection.


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