Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ritter Sport: Alpine Milk Chocolate

After I tasted the Ritter Sport Extra Fine Milk Chocolate bar, I dutifully moved on to examine the Alpine Milk Chocolate bar, which has 30% cocoa solids.

I was again instructed to answer some questions prior to opening the bar – namely, would I buy this bar? It’s got a big glass of milk on it. Most definitely.

In addition to the question about the packaging, the survey included questions about what I thought the taste embodied and represented. Quite philosophical. The survey also inquired about my chocolate purchasing habits and asked a few standard demographic questions. It wasn’t that involved, and I was happy to do my duty as a Ritter Sport taste tester.

Especially since I got to eat this entire bar as a result. This bar that is 23% milk powder. This bar that screams “CREAM” when you bite into it. A nutty flavor follows that, and then a subtle cocoa flavor emerges. This bar is so soft and perfectly smooth that I’d swear it was praline based if I didn’t know better. Though this bar is sweet, the creaminess balances it out, and this is definitely a MILK chocolate. Not some kind of complex dark chocolate you have to examine and contemplate for hours. A milk chocolate that you can enjoy as a mindless snack. I need more of these bars. My waistline may not, but my soul sure does.


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