Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Chocolate Delivery: Chocolat Moderne

For most folks, Saturdays are a nice day to relax after the work week. However, since one of my life passions, in addition to chocolate and baking, is coaching a youth sports program, a good portion of my Saturdays are usually devoted to coaching and managing the administrative side of the team.

And then baking. With chocolate. Obviously.

This Saturday, however, was 100% dedicated to the team I coach. We had a clinic with a coach who honed her athletes' skills so well that they won an Olympic gold medal in 1996, so the day involved a round-trip drive to Williamsburg, an 8-hour clinic, and almost two hours of private lessons with our athletes. It was an inspiring, but long, day. When I finally got home at nearly 10 pm, I found that the front desk had a package for me.

The folks at Chocolat Moderne apparently knew in advance that I’d need a little something extra after a long day. But what was inside?

EPIC BUBBLE WRAP PACKAGE. Alright, that will be fun to pop away at like a six-year-old, but surely there was some chocolate in here.

And was there ever. Two Chocolat Moderne bistro bars. One Hazelnut Hysterie, which is filled with crunchy hazelnut praline, and one Pumpkin Pique-Nique, which is filled with pumpkin-pie spiced praline and pumpkin seeds.

Just in time for Thanksgiving week. Awesome. Reviews of these two bars forthcoming shortly.


  1. Looking forward to your thoughts on the Pumpkin Pique-Nique. Sounds like it could be brilliant or a nice try but....

  2. I'm writing more about it on Thursday (for Thanksgiving!), but at first bite, it works. It's not quite what I expected, but it works.

  3. I teach viola lessons on Saturdays, though for not nearly as long as you coach. And wow, those sound like some uber fancy chocolate bars...looking forward to your report!

  4. Well, this Saturday was abnormal, usually, coaching takes up about 4-5 hours on Saturday. And the chocolate bars are pretty neat - posts coming up Thursday and Friday of this week.