Monday, November 15, 2010

Teuscher Boston: Dark Chocolate Buttercrunch

One of the truffles that I enjoyed the most from my Teuscher Chicago haul was the milk chocolate buttercrunch. I liked it so much that I even tried to make something similar on my own. When I saw the dark chocolate buttercrunch available for sale at Teuscher Boston, I knew it belonged in my box.

On the outside, the thin layer of dark chocolate is smooth and not very sweet.

It’s good that it’s not very sweet, because it is right on top of a layer of sweet honeycomb buttercrunch, and inside of that buttercrunch layer is extra creamy, extra buttery soft chocolate ganache. I do believe that, if given the opportunity, I would bathe in this buttery chocolate ganache. At that point, I might, just might, be able to say I’d had enough of it. For a day or so. I believe that I actually like the dark chocolate buttercrunch more than the milk chocolate buttercrunch, as the smooth bittersweet chocolate on the outside offers some contrast to the super-sweet and interior. This may now be another standby for my Teuscher assortments.


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