Friday, November 5, 2010

People Who Want to Know What I Think: Ritter Sport Taste Testing

Isn’t it great when your week wraps up with outstanding chocolate-related events? Like my week did last week? Well, folks, it happened again. Because yesterday, I shared my dried cranberry-white chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies at our meeting, and boy were they a hit.

After a rainy trip home from the meeting on the Metro, I found a package waiting for me. Inside, I found this.

Ritter Sport has selected me as a taste tester, and boy did I luck out getting two milk chocolate bars to sample. They have a serious set of instructions for conducting these tests, and two pretty long surveys for me to fill out. But they're surveys about chocolate. Milk chocolate. I could take one three times as long and still be thrilled.

If I keep having great choco-days to ring in my weekends, Mondays might just be a little easier to stomach.


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