Saturday, November 13, 2010

Teuscher Boston: White Chocolate Gianduja

Given the Teuscher was one of the first truly luxurious chocolatiers I got hooked it, it shouldn’t be surprising that this is the third round of Tuescher truffle reviews in the past four months.

My justification? Each round of reviews featured a different shop. Chicago first. Then Philadelphia. Next up: Boston, where I first discovered Teuscher many years ago.

Though I picked up two previously-reviewed favorites in my box – the zebra and almond giandujas – I filled the other seven slots with others I hadn’t reviewed. Including the white gianduja.

The white chocolate on the outside is very soft, and is clearly constructed with high-quality cocoa butter. This softness makes the gianduja easy to bite into, and the shell blends seamlessly with the gianduja filling.

The gianduja itself features a subtle hazelnut flavor enhanced by what tastes like powdered sugar. The interior is also quite smooth, with minimal graininess in the gianduja that results in a wonderful melt. It’s a very sweet creation that is not for those who shy away from sweet treats. Luckily, I enjoy my sugar, and I will likely include this on my future lists of “must-get-creations” during my Tuescher visits.


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