Friday, November 19, 2010

More Fun in the Mail: Scharffen Berger Gift via The Peche

Do people frequently send you chocolate in the mail? No? Well, you should try starting a blog about chocolate. Because since Labor Day, I’ve gotten fudge from Kansas City, stone ground chocolate from Nashville, and samples from Ritter Sport.

And then today, when I went to pick up a package of swim caps for the team I coach from the front desk of my building, I found that I had yet another package.

Inside was a letter. Apparently, the folks over at The Peche thinks that I’m interested in the Scharffen Berger Adventure contest.

Maybe they think that because I told them about my detailed project plan for test recipes. And look, Scharffen Berger has a nice card with inspiration recipe that involves multiple adventure ingredients.

And underneath those inspirational cards about the contest, there was more.

Yes more.

The goods:

  • A 3 ounce bar of 41% cocoa milk chocolate
  • A 3 ounce bar of 72% cocoa Bentre, which is a limited edition chocolate maker’s series bar
  • A 9.7 ounce block of unsweetened chocolate (which I love to use in pumpkin spice brownies)
  • ¼ gram of select Persian saffron threads (!), which is one of the adventure ingredients
  • 1.19 oz of Artisana coconut butter, another adventure ingredient
  • And fancy Scharffen Berger baking cups

Oh, this is going to be fun. And just in time for the weekend. My life is about to get way better.


  1. Wasn't that such a great surprise from Scharffen Berger? Instead of sending $1 coupons, they sent chocolate happiness! Enjoy!!!

  2. Oh, I will enjoy. Though I'm taking a 48-hour baking break after the whole cherpumple incident.

  3. That's it! It's time to ditch the chucks and become The Girl In Chocolate, cause no one ever sends me chocolate in the mail! ;)

  4. But do they send you chucks in the mail? And you have like a ZILLION awesome chocolatiers right near you, including Scharffen Berger. Plus TCHO, Recchiutti, oh my...

  5. I hardly get chocolate in the mail! I'm gonna have to seriously court these brands...

    Thank you for the suggestion on how to use the espresso salt! I'll definitely post whatever recipe I end up making on my blog!

  6. Bianca, I would totally do a chocolate exchange in the mail. We have a new local bean-to-bar chocolate maker in DC that I'd be happy to swap for some awesome Boston chocolate.

  7. Ooo, lucky girl! (saffron threads? oh my!) I had been thinking of entering that contest, but forgot. Guess there's still time...

  8. Yep, you have until the end of the year. And so many adventure ingredients to use. Luckily, you can send in up to 10 recipes.

  9. Um, have to say I am more than a little jealous of your Scharffen Berger. That is my FAVORITE chocolate!

  10. Isn't it awesome! I love their bittersweet chocolate for coating truffles. Oddly, I don't really like their milk chocolate much. Are you entering the adventure contest?