Sunday, August 8, 2010

Teuscher Chicago Invades DC: Part 3

Since I indulged in a 16-piece box of Teuscher chocolates, in addition to the 4-piece box of champagne truffles reviewed in Teuscher Chicago Part 2, some of the reviews are going to come quite a while after the completion of my trip, even though I got repeats of some of my favorites in that 16-piece box. One of those favorites is the milk buttercrunch.

The appealing-looking milk chocolate on the outside barely does justice for the honey crunch and fluffy ganache inside.

The milk-chocolate based ganache is so light that it resembles buttercream frosting, and it’s surrounded by a crunchy honey nougat with a bit of a salty bite to it that works perfectly with the sweet, sweet milk chocolate on both sides of it. The creation is astounding, and is representative of the high-quality creations that I know from previous visits to Teuscher.

Another favorite of mine are the citrus creations, such as the lemon truffle, which comes covered in dark chocolate.

The pleasing lemon aroma is evident before breaking the outer shell to bite into the lemon-infused dark chocolate ganache.

The lemon flavor is noticeable and somewhat tart. The liquor taste is a little stronger than I remember from previous Teuscher lemon truffles, and it seems like the chocolate could be a little sweeter overall to offset the liquor and tartness. A milk chocolate ganache or coating might be a better fit, though the dark chocolate used for both had a smooth, buttery texture and an nice flavor with fruity undertones. It was good, but not as wonderful as I remember.


Teuscher: High quality chocolates, though some of my favorites seem to be falling a little short.

Milk buttercrunch: Great combination of textures (fluffy and crunchy) and flavors (salty and sweet).

Lemon: Distinctive lemon flavor, could be a little sweeter.


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